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Authored and Published by Ron Smith, Kanab UT with assets collected by Cerritos College under a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor in 2001
The Virtual Machine Shop (VMS) is a web site dedicated to the perpetuation of machine tool knowledge and training. This project is designed and maintained by volunteers from industry and academia and is free to everyone. Please feel free to learn here. Please feel free to teach here. Newly updated (this site has been on the web for 16 years now) we have made some modernzaion efforts. In this vein critique of all topics are encouraged and new topics will be authored by you!

"Incredibly well conceived teaching site. Wonderful animations"- D. Armstead
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"After 16 years we still use this site to train field machinists"-J. Poplar
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"We still host a mirror site at U.W. engineering " Dr B. Helmost
"Some old and out of date things on this site still make sense to read" - David
"Proof that sometimes our tax dollars serve the needs of the citizenry" - H. Marshall

A few articles worth your time (epecially if you are teacher or employer)

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